Sunday, June 28, 2009

International Whaling Convention chair: William Hogarth: Whaling Ban should be lifted

(World Tainted Green; c.f. BBC World News (Secular; Governmental; British) 26 / 06 | June / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Once under even greater threat of extinction than today, due to the mass harvesting of whales, by commercial companies throughout the world, Whales, once again are entering a risky period. The outgoing head of the International Whaling Convention, has reportedly thought that it may be time to get rid of the ban on commercial whaling, while the incoming head, certainly seems to desire to cause anti-whaling nations and whalers to make compromises with each other(, which could be good or bad for whales): calling the current situation: unacceptable.

While the Whaling Ban (Commercial Whaling Moratorium of 1982), of the International Whaling Convention (IWC), is thought to be a safeguard, by many: for commercially threatened whales. Not so, says, William Hogarth, who was quoted, while he still chairs the International Body. He claims that as Japan's whaling is largely unregulated, as it is under the guise of scientific research, that getting rid of the ban on commercial whaling, would be, in his opinion a good thing.

While countries, such as Norway, and Japan, continue to whale, Norway, which has publicly objected to the moratorium, and declared itself exempt from the 1982 moratorium, and Japan, claiming that their whaling projects, are scientific. In general, the ban has previously been seen as a positive.

The Chair of the International Whaling Commission, suggests "limited", regulated commercial whaling: something the BBC suggests will go down well with the Japanese, accused of abusing the loophole in the moratorium, which allows whaling for "scientific" purposes. Why the Japanese would want a change, may seem odd. Editorially, it seems as though the current loopholes in the moratorium, give Japan legitimacy for their activities, perhaps they desire more legitimacy.

Native Communities, which traditionally hunt whales for food, are not prevented to do so under the moratorium. Nations such as Norway, or Iceland seemingly openly reject it.  Japan: hunts whales, in the name of scientific research.

Using the same seas as Japan: Australia, has decided to do non-lethal research into whales.

Incoming International Whaling Convention head: Cristian Maquieira, claims that the difficulty of realizing compromise is hard.

He has further: reportedly claimed:

""I feel if there's one common element involved here, it's that everybody believes the status quo is no longer acceptable,""
(BBC World News (Secular; Governmental; British) 26 / 06 | June / 2009)

Japan reportedly currently kills at least a 1 000 (One Thousand) whales a every (12) twelve months (every year).

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