Thursday, July 2, 2009

(WWF) World Wildlife Fund: RSA CO2 emmissions equivalent to those of an industrialized developed Nation

(World Tainted Green; c.f. News 24 ( Secular; Independent; South African) article by SAPA: 01 / 07 | July / 2009; Mail and Guardian (South African; Secular; Independent; Liberal) 01 / 07 | July / 2009 ; (World Wildlife Fund Website 01 / 07 | July / 2009) )

Article by Marc Aupiais

Local news is reporting, that the WWF (World Wildlife Fund For Nature), has raised some concerns over the carbon (CO2) emmissions given off by South Africa.

Local "Climate Change" Programme manager for the WWF, Richard Worthington, has claimed that our emmissions are equivalent to those of an industrialized Nation: per capita. A reason for this, noted by local news, who quote the WWF for this: is South Africa's reliance on coal.

The WWF local website, also notes a quote of their local "climate change" manager:

"Richard Worthington, WWF South Africa's Climate Change Programme Manager concludes: "In light of this report we encourage President Zuma to take a strong stand on climate change by ad-vocating for the levels of domestic action, financial support and technology cooperation that are required to avoid the dire impacts in store for Africa if the international community does not keep global warming well below 2 degrees.""
(World Wildlife Fund Website 01 / 07 | July / 2009)


South Africa's energy market is monopolized by partially privatized Eskom, which has consistently been accused of alleged corruption, incompetence, and mismanagement, as well as allegedly lying about coal shortages. It has also been alleged in a report by MNET's InvestigativeCarte Blanche, that an alleged obsession, by Eskom: with government BEE codes: whereby government companies are encouraged to do deals with ethnically black persons, over ethnically white persons, or companies with more ethnically black ownership, over companies with less ethnically "black" owners: has allegedly caused shortages in coal supply.

Citizens in the Republic of South Africa, have consistently had their power turned off, and their electricity rates raised at skyrocketing rates, as Eskom provides cheap electricity to foreign high consumption industrial business, despite millions in losses by local business, and industry, and as South Africa continues to supply electricity to the likes of Zimbabwe, and other African nations.

Attempts to build more nuclear plants locally, have also been wrought with accusations of bad practice on the part of Eskom. Further acusations, involving lack of competition, and the need for independent electricity suppliers, have also previously entered the fray.

Based on this, and past practice, it is therefore unlikely that the South African Government will change energy policies. To conclude our analysis of how important the notation by the WWF: of our high CO2 emissions possibly is.

The WWF, has no comment on how the current government locally is doing as regards the grouping's standards. They are reported as saying that it is too soon to tell.

Whether changes obeserved from the eighties until recently (with an odd seeming plateau allegedly seemingly being reached), in world climate, are caused by green house gases, or other events, is still not an issue, to our knowledge: which scientists globally agree on.

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