Thursday, June 9, 2011

The New Old Environmentalism: A Sea-Change in Western Conservatives towards old style Conservationism

(World Tainted Green)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I was amazed to see the article, in a pro-life, conservative, Canadian publication. It didn't front global warming, which given that that conveyor belt of the sea will be replaced by a Southern African heat source if it collapses, really is the correct term again. It just promoted sustainable development, Something we as South Africans always do: traditional environmentalism, which like traditional liberalism (I am a liberal), is only a good thing.

"In fact, this is this sort of common sense revelation that my young pro-life friends seem to be increasingly having. Things like: that the West is producing and consuming non-essential goods at such a breakneck speed that it will inevitably run straight off an environmental and economic cliff if it doesn’t stop, soon; that it is neither healthy nor humane to eat eggs or meat that come from animals that are packed by the thousands into windowless, airless food factories and fed genetically modified grains; that it is a lot more fun and educational to grow your own food, etc.

"What we are witnessing is a new, and, I believe, commendable backlash against two different excesses: that of a radical form of capitalism that views incessant wealth creation as the primary purpose of human life, and that of a radical environmentalism that views humans as little more than a pest to be carefully controlled or even eliminated. 

"Fundamentally I believe this backlash is fueled by one simple, self-evident, but critical fact: that this is the only earth we have, and its resources are necessarily limited. Eco-extremists view this limitedness as a reason to stop humans from reproducing at all, to “save the planet.” Pro-life environmentalists, on the other hand, view this limitedness as a reason to exercise self-restraint and intelligence in the way we consume resources for the sake of future generations - to “save the humans.”"
(LifeSiteNews: Canadian; Independent but pro-life; Pro-life; Pro-family; pro-Subsidiarity)
Article link: 8th June 2011 
If only our American pro-life friends would have the same awakening about Eastern slave labour, and debt based economies: whereby those without ability to get debt cheques go through their government to China.  Fact is, social security in the West ought to be replaced by micro-loans. If anything, the aid dumping by Unicef, et al and the way it has wrecked African economies should serve this purpose: to alert America as to what the storm is they are fighting: one of their own making!

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